Hello! My name is Minna Schleifenbaum. I am a mother to three precious children. Throughout my short parenting career, I often find myself trudging down the isles in the grocery store wondering what to buy for my family. It is important to me that the food on the table as well as the products on my family's skin is natural and good for the kids' growing souls.

Since the grocery store has limited options I opted to resort to a much bigger and greener store...Mother Nature herself! I have found so many natural remedies for common ailments, that I do not need to use any chemical on my kids bodies anymore.

So where does the horse "thing" fit in? As every little girl does, I fell in love with horses. Unfortunately for my parents, this love never faded. I have worked in several places as a stable hand and have always nurtured my craving to be around horses. As a 13 year old I filled my desire to be around these creatures by learning to horse log at Haliburton Forest. Although my mother was not impressed with this, my father was delighted. Horselogging introduced me to the four-legged of my life, Princess. Princess, a lovely black percheron mare. Her and I became a driving, riding, therapeutic team. Thus, starting my career with horses.

I have been foraging Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd for the past few years and collecting great crops which are not only healthy, but make my body feel better than ever.

I hope to share these products with you and your family after a great equestrian experience at The Wild Life.


Brittney Miscio is not only a fantastic rider, but an extraordinary horseman!

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